5 Ways to Make Your Mornings Magical

Some people wake up with the sun, do an hour of yoga and meditation, bathe with chamomile flowers and eucalyptus, and announce their goddess identity to the universe.

I’m definitely not one of those people.
I wake up to a soon-to-be one year old poking my face, rushing out the house with messy hair, and a whole mess of chaos for my day.
Waking up slow and easy like the goddess within me would love to do sounds like heaven.

There’s definitely a way to do that, even when you’re off the rails like me.

Any time you can spice up your daily life is amazing. It’s even better when you add a kick of magic to it!

​We’re going to go over some easy, peasy ways to make your mornings magic with little things. Because what’s better than making your day a little more “woo woo” in super easy ways?

1 – Breakfast of Champions

Add a little bit of herbs to your morning scramble to help draw energies. Easy, quick, and you already have what you need in the kitchen!

Basil is fantastic for prosperity and harmonizing magic; use to draw money and happiness to you.
Parsley is great for protection; use for when you feel today is going to be particularly draining.
Rosemary is a loving, sweet herb; add if you need a friendly or romantic boost to the day.

My FAVORITE way to make a morning magical is by making a breakfast sandwich. Basil and garlic in the eggs, apricot jam on toast, and a slice of honey ham. Sweet, prosperous, and easy. Breakfast made magical!

2 – Sigil Infused Pancakes or Pie

This can be done with pancake art, laying out fruit in pancake batter, or with syrup afterwards.

I mention pies because:

  1. Pie for breakfast is amazing
  2. It’s super easy to make a pie, easy as a gift, that uses sigil magic

Just draw the sigil of your choice in the crust before adding filling. As it bakes, the sigil is activated (heat and fire as the source) and every bite will be out of this world. Perfect idea too for making holiday pies as gifts. Here’s a little extra love in this sweet potato pie, Grandma!

3 – Magical Morning Brew

I could go on for YEARS about how amazing tea is. For making a magical morning, you can do this in a number of ways:

  1. The type of tea or coffee used
  2. Add ins
  3. Morning divination

Every tea has a bit of a story or hidden fact about it. For example, if you hate coffee (like myself), you can get the same amount of caffeine from two cups of black tea. That pattern multiples as the tea gets weaker through processing.

Two cups of Black Tea = Coffee
Two cups of Green Tea = Black Tea
Two cups of White Tea = Green Tea
Herbal Tea = Varies on brand for caffeine amount

Different blends also have different vitamins and antioxidants involved. So creating a magical morning can be as easy as choosing a tea to fit your mood.

My favorite is green tea, with Red Raspberry Leaf and Mother’s Milk right behind it. So doing my green (which is great for weight loss by the by) with a touch of milk and four spoonfuls of sugar starts my day off right. I feel nurtured and charismatic, perfect for a day of customer service and client work.

My husband really loves Sleep Time and regular Black Tea. It soothes his stomach (major digestive problems) and gives him a big energy boost. So I pair his black tea with honey or sugar and that breakfast sandwich I mentioned earlier and tummy problems begone! There may be some humming about “healing and growing” tossed in for good measure while mixing.

Plus, you know what’s awesome about a morning cup? Reading the leaves!
Even if you’re using coffee grounds, you can read your morning brew after you’re done drinking.

4 – Routine

Creating a pattern for yourself not only triggers reactions from your body and mind, but also your intuition and energy.

Every night before I go to sleep, I take out my contacts or take off my glasses. That’s my body’s cue for “Okay, she’s going to sleep”. In five minutes, I’m out. But as long as I can see clearly, I’m awake.

Every morning, my baby girl has her own routine: wake up, diaper change, brush teeth (all six of them), and bottle. It establishes familiarity.

For magic, it’s very similar. Create a pattern for yourself to follow and your abilities will become automatically triggered. Play this up with music or even just brushing your hair a certain way. Be creative.

5 – Woo Woo Wardrobe

Colors and their psychological associations is a real thing. There’s studies about how different colors effect mood and behavior, from restaurants to prisons.

This can be applied to magic in all kinds of ways. We discussed before how to vary color with candle magic, but the same can be done in the morning with your wardrobe.

Choosing energizing colors for yourself if you need a morning boost. Yellow and orange are perfect candidates for this.
Choose negativity blocking colors, like black, if you’re going through particularly challenging situations. Plus black is super slimming. Bonus points!
For emotional healing and stress relief, try cool colors like green and blue.

Plus, easy color coordination like this are a great way to rebalance your chakras everyday. Bonus, bonus points!

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