How to Apply Spiritual Guidance AFTER Your Tarot Reading

You sat down and read/watched/went through a tarot reading with an intuitive coach.
You got to the root of your problems.
Maybe you even got some steps to start taking to change your life!

You walk out into the world once more and…what now?

Even if you’ve been given guidance in a reading, things feel different after you’ve left your session. Everyday life gets in the way again; this makes it hard to apply what you learned!

There are steps you can take to make the most of your reading once it’s finished:

Step One: Write Down Your Thoughts

You’re going to walk away from your tarot reading with a lot of information. How are you supposed to remember everything?

Write it down!

Take a moment in your car, in the coffee shop, or wherever you can relax for a moment to write down:

  • Your impressions about the reading
  • What questions you asked/other questions you have
  • What advice the reader gave you

Putting down in words what you’re feeling and thinking will come in handy later.

Step Two: Sleep On It

Go home and take a nap or sleep on it for the night. Don’t do anything yet from the tarot reading.

Why? This allows time for your brain to completely go through everything that was discussed. Plus, when we step on decision, thoughts, and events we wake up the next morning with more expansion and energy about it.

What if the reading was about something super important that I need to make a decision on right now? Like an interview or a proposal?

In that case, find a calm place to sit and meditate. Just allow yourself some time, even five minutes, to go over the reading itself.

Step Three: Journal Your Thoughts Again

This time jot down any new questions, concerns, or thoughts that pour into your head. Also include experiences that stand out since you had the tarot card reading.

Did you have three birds flow you home last night?
How about a really weird dream that seems to have no connection to what you were worried about?
A dream that does connect to what you were worried about?
How you feel the next day?

Write it all down! Compare to what you wrote down before; see if there’s anything to expand upon.

Step Four: Act

Did your spiritual adviser or reader give you some things to work on? Great, start doing them!

This should take between two weeks and a month, sometimes longer, to complete.

Why? Change isn’t going to be automatic, majority of the time. Exercising patience is key. So start working on some self-care tips, steps towards your success and happiness, and anything else your reader suggested.

What if I don’t see any change? Was the reading wrong?
If you’re asking this within 24 hours of your tarot reading and you weren’t given a definite “____ will happen in 24 hours” then you’re asking too soon.

Breathe and be patient. I know it sucks, being patient is hard, but it’ll be worth it. Give yourself, those around you, and the energy around and within you time to adjust.

You had a tarot reading! That means major shifts are going to start happening for you.

**NOTE: This is why I always tell my clients after every reading to give things a month to change and breathe before asking the exact same question.**

And voila! Enjoy your reading; you’re now fully prepared for the aftermath!

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