Long Distance Tarot Reading: How Does it Work?

A fantastic question I got this past week was about how I do a long distance tarot reading.

Don’t you have to be across from the person?
How do you know it’s accurate if they’re not there?

As human beings, we’re made up of energy.

We eat and breathe, using our bodies to move and sleep. Without energy, we crash and die. We need fuel to live. Living is energy.

We move about space and make decisions, creating more energy. Electrical impulses are set off in our brains whenever we make a decision or action. It’s how our body knows what’s going on and what to do.

Now, it’s very easy to tap into the energy we create and other people create. By meditating and focusing your mind on a certain task, tap into the energy in your body and follow it.

This is how the magic happens. The more energy you put into something, the more likely it is to happen. For example, to more you go workout and eat right, the more likely you are to become healthy.

The same happens with anything magical. The more of your personal energy and effort you put into something, the more likely it is to happen.


Tarot readings are a common divination practice, meaning you put your energy into the tools (i.e. the cards) and they act as a conduit for your to see what’s going on.

To tap into someone else’s energy, you do the same thing as if you were exploring your own: meditate on them, their energy, their question, their face, and you’re able to do a reading on their life. Their situations.

When you’re sitting across from someone during a tarot reading, it’s much easier to tap into their energy; they’re sitting right there! Your energy doesn’t have to travel as far to connect with theirs. If they’re personally touching the cards, it’s even easier since they’re doing the divination themselves. All your job, as the reader, has left to do is translate the cards for the client.

When a person is across the world from you, it’s harder to tap into their energy. It requires, even more, focus than usual. It requires more energy from you, as the diviner, because you’re the one who’s searching for their energy.

Yet, you can still make the connection. You can give just an accurate long distance tarot reading as if they were sitting across from you.

The difference? Well, they won’t feel any difference because the job of the client is to just think about their situation and what they want to know about it. The tarot reader may feel much more tired than they would with an in-person reading. More physically drained. Especially if, like me, they do multiple readings for different people one right after another.

It’s not smart because you’re so spent, but it can be done.

It does take a lot of practice to do this. Practice is needed when doing tarot readings, in general.

But to be successful at long distance readings, you need meditative practice. You need to be able to extend and take in energy at a stronger focus than usual. Which you can do! I know you can!

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