How a Life Coach Can Help with Making Major Decisions

I remember when I first realized I was in a┬átoxic relationship. The kind of relationship where you know your partner isn’t good for you, they don’t want you, but you’re still stuck emotionally.

I remember wanting someone to talk to and give advice as to what I could do. Everyone around me could understand slightly but there’s always that communication barrier. A person could never truly understand what I was going through; they weren’t living with what I was feeling.

I wanted to see what my life would be like without this man and if I truly deserved better. I wanted to know if I’d ever fall for a best friend like I did with him. And I wanted to know if I ever was cut out for love at all.

Life really is full of things like this. We feel one way, our mind says another, and who the fuck knows where our intuition went off to.

On top of all that confusion, we have our everyday responsibilities that also get in the way:

Get to class before I fail…
Take care of the baby and be a decent parent for once…
Get the car washed and stop looking like a piece of crap…
Late for work again; let’s hope I’m not fired!
I really need to talk about our relationship..
Oh God, where’s my cat?!
How am I going to make ends meet this month?
How the hell am I supposed to do taxes?!

There’s so much going on that when moments come up, like leaving an emotionally, abusive relationship or a loved one dies or even just deciding to find a new job, they’re incredibly overwhelming.

Not only that, you’re stuck choosing between the lesser of two evils sometimes.

You take a new job but a longer commute.
You spend time with your family but you lose out on promotion and sales in your business.
You stayed home and got over the flu but you missed a test review in class.
You did overtime this weekend but you missed movie night with your friends.
You left a relationship where you know the other person didn’t care but you now you’re alone.

It can feel like there’s no winning for you. This makes those decisions harder; there’s that potential threat in the back of your mind of “Am I going to fuck this up again?”.

No one should have to live with that fear. This is where those with intuitive gifts, like myself, can help.

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