What NOT to Ask During a Tarot Reading

Sometimes when you go in for a tarot reading, there’s an expectation of what you can ask. There’s a belief that you can ask any question and get time and date answers and nothing can change them.

That’s just not the case.

I had an experience like this on the literal first day I joined the Bitwine Advisors.

A client wanted to know exact timing, was incredibly impatient when it came to their reading, and argued the entire time about the events I laid out. After two unsuccessfully explained spreads, offers to review the reading for free over message or email, and mentions of having a horrible experience but not wanting to change anything the session ended.

I received a message the next day asking for a partial refund because of the experience. I did and explained some things that she should expect for her next reading experience.

Client/Reader Communication

This is incredibly important when it comes to a reading; you’re trusting someone with important information about your life. So there needs to be a level of honest, patient communication.

A reader needs to listen and hear what the client actually knows. Sometimes it’s a tiny piece of what’s actually being said, so there needs to be a strong level of attention.

For example, here’s a scenrio:
“I really love Tina but we’ve been together for so long off and on. She doesn’t act like she loves me anymore, there’s constant fighting, and I just want to be happy. Is it worth staying together anymore? Does she actually care?”

On the surface, this person is asking about whether they should stay with their partner and how to mend their relationship. However, does it really matter if this particular relationship doesn’t work out? What if there’s a deeper connection somewhere else?

What if instead of asking “Will Tina and I ever be happy together?” for your tarot reading, you ask “How can I attain a loving, committed, and connected relationship with someone?”

You open the possibilities up so much more and you’re getting to the heart of the issue, like a good reader should.

For the client, you then need to hear the reader out.
Let them fully explain the cards that have been drawn.
Hear out their reasoning and what they’ve picked up on.
Then ask questions.

How much sense does it make to pay for a reading and then never receive it fully? None at all.

Timing and Precise Dates

I want to know if on the corner of Main and 15th I’ll receive a $100 bill with my true love’s phone number on it! Yes or no?!

Um, what?

First off, you’ve asked an incredibly specific question that’s setting up your reader for failure. No matter what answer they give you, some part of it will be wrong and therefore you can claim a horrible reading has been given.

I explicitly state in my code of ethics that I will not do a tarot reading like this.

Why? Because of a few reasons.

First and foremost, you’re closing off all your options. Unless you believe in our fates being predetermined, your actions and choices will change your future. So do the actions and choices of others.

What if you were to receive that $100 bill on Main and 14th instead? You’d never know because you specified it too much.

Next, the timing. Giving an exact date will depend on the reader you’re working with. Personally, I don’t do this.

Just like above, setting the time events will occur does nothing but set up a client for disappointment.
However, you can give general timing of events such as days, weeks, months, etc. This makes things much easier to judge and leaves room for change to happen.

This would be something to discuss with your reader before you have a session done. This way all confusion is avoided.

Yes or No Answers

There are readers who will give you “yes” or “no” answers in a tarot reading, including myself. However, there’s certain circumstances for my readings.

If you want just a simple “yes” or “no” answer, that is not possible with tarot. You can go by reversed or upright cards, positive or negative meanings, numerology, etc. but there’s always a why.

If you go through life normally, you ask “why” all the time. Children first start questioning things with the word “why” when they’re young. There’s always a reason behind an action.

The same goes for tarot readings; I can give you a “most likely, yes” or “definitely unlikely, no” but I need to give you the reason why as well. Life is too linear, tarot is too linear, to not have a reason or circumstance.

So how do you do “yes” or “no” readings? Simple, by adding a pendulum.
Pendulums give “yes” or “no” answers to simple, specific questions. By combining them with tarot cards, you get the simple answer and the reason why/the situation that caused that answer to happen. ​

Open Mindedness

If you’re coming to a tarot reader, there’s obviously some kind of belief in the unknown, magical, or spiritual kind for you. Even if you’re skeptic, you have an underlying belief that it may be right.

For this reason, you should approach your tarot reading with an open mind. If guidance is given, think outside the box with your reader on how it can be applied.

There’s always a way you can change your circumstances or life in your favor; all you have to do is try.

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