Do you constantly find yourself stuck?

You find yourself in love but they don't want commitment (again).
You want to make a difference in this world through teaching or starting a business but the pay sucks and you feel drained at the end of the day.
You go home to screaming kids, the dog pissing on the carpet (again), and cold, over-steeped cup of tea.

You don't have your passion anymore.
You don't have happiness or drive anymore.

You're stuck.

I've dealt with it all

A toxic parent that was emotionally and physically abusive.
Multiple manipulative relationships, laying next to men that I knew didn’t love or want me.
Living with no food in the cabinets and -$200 in the bank.
Left abandoned by family, people who had loved me for years, just because I wanted to be happy.

I’ve gone through a lot, but in turn created my own support system. I finished my degree, despite what everyone though.
​I got married, despite being told I was unlovable and a shrew. I had a beautiful child, despite multiple miscarriages and sexual abuse.

No one should ever live feeling unwanted, unloved, and disconnected from their soul’s purpose. I’m a living example of the kind of person I want to help.


Hey there!

I’m Rachel Erazo.

I'm an intuitive life coach that specializes in energy blocks. I know what's keeping you from your soulmate, your dream job, and leading a fulfilling life.

As a tarot reading mentor, I empower beginning and advanced psychic readers through intuitive courses and workshops.

I'm also a full fledged cottage witch that's obsessed with tea, Stardew Valley, candles, and baby kisses.

As a natural clairvoyant and claircognizant, I receive psychic information visually. Scenes of your life pop into my mind like movie scenes. The more information I have about your situation and life, the clearer the image. I have even had sound or smells along with these scenes.

My love of chakra and energy work even led me to become a fully certified Reiki 1 and 2 practitioner.

I spend each and every day trying to make the world a more balanced and happier place with my craft. Helping others with their stresses, battles, and hardships is what I'm good at, what I want to do.

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