I provide personal and metaphysical knowledge, a magical concoction that makes names and birthdates unnecessary. Just tell me what’s hurting you, why you need guidance, and I connect.


​I like to give a relaxed, comfortable environment for all readings. No frills and fanfare. I’ll let you know what tools I’m using and provide sample cards.

​You'll receive all readings within 48 hours.


As your coach, you're my top priority. We'll meet every two weeks for one-on-one video and phone sessions.

Together, we'll discover your blocks and what you need to do to be more aligned with who and what you are.

Tarot Reading

Tarot is a fantastic visual divination, using cards and symbols to answer your questions. Submit your question/situation for an in-depth three card tarot card reading.

You'll receive a full PDF by email, which will include the cards and how they pertain to your situation.

Palm Reading

See what the lines on your palms say about your money potential, relationships, and health with this in-depth, thorough reading.

Receive a PDF (~10 pages) in your inbox. Includes pictures of the marks found and their meanings. Please submit a photo, in good lighting, of your palms after purchase.

Lenormand Reading

Lenormand cards offer an accurate step-by-step reading that gives a clear picture of what will happen. Receive a detailed explanation for each card, how it pertains to your question, and how to move forward.

Receive a PDF of your 3-card Lenormand reading within 48 hours of purchase.


I am available for scheduled appointments from 9-2 pm MST Monday-Friday. Otherwise, all reading PDFs, video replays, and audio readings will be delivered within 48 hours of purchase.

You have a 48-hour window before your appointment date and time to cancel for a partial refund. Anything after that, along with no shows, is not eligible for a refund. You’ll receive a reminder email 24-hours before your appointment time.

For Terms and Conditions and other policies, go to the F.A.Qs.