What Tarot Cards Can Do For You

Have you ever had a sinking, sickening feeling?

A person could have just walked in the room or you found out some unexpected news. But this feeling, right between your stomach and diaphragm or in the center of your chest, is weighing on you. Words don’t describe this feeling and you don’t even completely understand what it means.

That sinking feeling, that weight, is your intuition. We all naturally have it and sometimes follow it.

But life is messy; things get in the way of our intuitions and acting on them.

For example, if you had a sinking feeling that a job would be horrible for you but you needed the money otherwise you’d be evicted, would you take it? Probably.
If you then went to work and saw it wasn’t that bad, would you then question why you had such a horrible feeling when you first started?

Another example: you meet a friend of a friend. They’re nice, good job, sense of humor, and you seem to get along well. But something makes your gut churn or changes your mood when they walk in the room.
You might even bring it up with your friend, who chalks it up to paranoia or silliness, but the feeling never leaves.

You’d want to know why you’re feeling this way, sometimes to the point of getting a physical reaction.
Why is my intuition acting like this?

We second guess ourselves or ignore our intuition so much on a day-to-day basis. It becomes so normal that you don’t understand the signals your mind and body are telling you.

That’s what tarot readings are for.

Tarot cards are a type of divination, which is a way to read your present, or future, and everything surrounding it.

These cards, which each have different pictures and designs, help us better see our lives from a third-person perspective. Seeing things from a different angle let’s us better understand choices and actions before they’re made.

We can better understand why we didn’t get that promotion.
We can understand why our partner isn’t ready to be a parent.
We can know and accept that a lost loved one is okay.
We can see whether our relationship will move to the next level.

Not only that, but tarot readings are the gateway to understanding and listening to our intuitions, Guardian Angels and Guides, past lives, and so much more.

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